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Professional Insurance Exchange Mutual, Inc. (P.I.E.) is a mutual insurance company which provides professional liability insurance to dentists practicing in Utah. As an independent entity, P.I.E. is not affiliated with the American Dental Association, Utah Dental Association or any other dental organization. Nevertheless, P.I.E. has enjoyed a good working relationship with the A.D. A. and U.D.A., has provided speakers for U.D.A. meetings and has worked closely with the U.D.A. on legislative matters relevant to both organizations. Our vision is to ensure that Utah dentists can obtain malpractice insurance at the most reasonable price possible, can be advised efficiently and effectively when problems with treatment arise, and can be protected and represented well in the event of litigation. Finally, our vision is to enable Utah dentists to control their own destiny when it comes to dealing with malpractice issues including premiums and protocols.